About Long-Term Recovery

The goal of any sober living community is to assist people on their long-term recovery journey by providing support on their path.

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Continued Growth

For most people, it’s not enough to simply have a “clean place” to live.  We must all continue to grow through learning, experience and support.  

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Find Sober Living Options

Browse our growing list of sober living communities, recovery homes and halfway houses.

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There is no one-size fits all

One of the most under-emphasized points about recovery is that it is very much a personal thing. There is a lot of talk about evidence-based practices, but the science doesn’t matter if it isn’t clicking wit the individual. This is one of the main reasons why people often relapse after leaving treatment – because there is still a ton of work to do, and they need to adapt their recovery plan to their real-life situations.

Sober living communities provide much more than just a clean place to live and some meetings. They provide assistance with accountability and support that is often lacking following treatment. In most places, residents are encouraged to continue with outpatient treatment, therapy, counseling or other recovery support services in addition to frequent group meetings.

So what kind of place are you looking for? Do you want a place that also has an intensive outpatient program attached to it? Do you want something that offers job placement services? Maybe you’re seeking something more ideal for students attending college, or for working adults who have to maintain accountability at their jobs as well. There are many different types, and hopefully you can find some great options on this site.

Additional Recovery Help

Would you like some additional guidance and personalized support on your recovery journey? The Online Recovery Program is a great companion for people who are rebuilding their lives, especially while in a sober living environment.